Release of BirdieSync

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Release of BirdieSync

Post by Birdy » Tue Jul 28, 2009 7:00 am


This new version has important changes.
Please do BACKUP all your data as mentioned in this FAQ topic before installing this new version.


- The performances has been highly improved when looking for changes with a high number of items (> 10000 contacts for instance)
- Task status and percentage in Ligtning/Sunbird are now automatically set when the task is marked completed on the mobile device
- In BirdieSync options, if no folder is selected, the "Synchronization way" menu list and the "Default" button are now disabled
- If an error happens while creating logs, the location is now displayed in the error message

Bug corrections:

- If the option "link calendar name to category name" was selected in BirdieSync options and an item was moved on the mobile device from a synchronized calendar to another one, the item could be duplicated on the mobile device (but not on the desktop)
- During installation on Windows 2000, the mobile device was never detected as connected
- If a mail was created/modified/deleted on the mobile device in a folder whose synchronization way was set to "From PC to mobile device", synchronized and immediately changed/deleted on the mobile device before the second synchronization, it could lead to an unresolved item or make Thundebird crash
- If a Lightning/Sunbird recurring event has the same deleted occurrence repeated several times, it no longer leads to an unresolved item
- If the classical version of Thunderbird/Sunbird was not installed when using the portable version of Thunderbird/Sunbird, the "Use current Thunderbird/Sunbird" button didn't work in BirdieSync options and the preferences could not been read again after having been saved
- If ActiveSync or the Windows Mobile Device Center was not installed, no error message was displayed about it during the installation
- If no birthday or anniversary are set on the mobile device contact, the matching fields in Thunderbird are now cleared instead of being filled with "0"
- If a mobile device appointment had a null recurrence end date (although it was supposed to have one), it could lead to an unresolved item or a crash of Thunderbird/Sunbird.
- During installation, it was impossible to clean Thundebird/Sunbird profiles if a profile path was referring to a drive which was not ready for reading.
- Possible crash of ActiveSync in very rare circumstances
- Installer logs are now always saved in the correct temporary folder

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