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Release of BirdieSync

Posted: Fri Apr 16, 2010 1:23 pm
by Birdy


- BirdieSync now supports Sunbird 1.0b1
- It is now possible to order the columns of the History tab and for instance to keep the most recent entries at the top of the list. The setting is kept even if BirdieSync is restarted.
- The period of time to detect that BirdieSync mobile part could not connect was increased
- It is now possible to choose to hide the message mentioning that BirdieSync mobile part could not connect

Bug corrections:

- Mobile device contacts created from Google and then synchronized in Thunderbird could have an incorrect birthday date
- If an address book/calendar/mail folder selected for synchronization was not found, its name was not present in the error message. This message is now more detailed.
- When BirdieSync desktop program is not running while the mobile device is connected, connection errors are no longer traced to avoid increasing the size of the log on the mobile device.
- On Windows Mobile 5.x-6.5 devices, synchronization of modified contacts without photo from the desktop could lead to additional synchronizations from the mobile device at the end the synchronization.
- On very particular circumstance, the log archiver could not start and displayed an unexpected error.
- Directory listing in logs displayed the first file of a folder twice.
- If Sunbird was running when reinstalling BirdieSync over a previous installation, it could be impossible to install some files


Caution: Users who installed 2.0.1.x are advised to update to

Bug corrections:

- When reconnected, the mobile device could be sometimes identified as a new one leading to a full resynchronization
- During installation, an error could be incorrectly displayed mentioning that the user used to execute the installer was different from the session user



- BirdieSync now installs for all users on the computer
- In uninstallation, it is now possible to remove synchronization data
- Installation log is now only stored in temporary folder
- Mobile device installation log now contains the 2 phases of the installation

Bug corrections:

- BirdieSync installer could crash
- After an installation on a new mobile device, an unexpected error could be displayed preventing the connection of BirdieSync mobile device part
- BirdieSync could leave installation files in temporary folder
- Uninstallation could leave files if Thunderbird or Sunbird was running


Caution: installing this new version could lead to the synchronization of some items from the mobile device to the PC during the first connection


- The mobile device no longer needs to be "application unlocked" which was generally the case of Smartphones (no touch screen)
- On Windows Vista and 7, the Windows Mobile Device Center is no longer needed to install BirdieSync. So now BirdieSync can install and run without needing the Windows Mobile Device Center.

- If an item is synchronized to a read only calendar, the failure reason is now displayed in the unresolved items list
- Logs and data on mobile device were moved to BirdieSync application data directory
- Registry key names are now properly displayed in logs
- Progress status and mobile device status are now distinct in log archiver
- New error messages are now displayed:
Impossible for BirdieSync on the mobile device to connect to the desktop
Impossible to lock a mail folder
Impossible to access a mail folder
Listing of mails in a folder is interrupted
BirdieSync is not installed on the mobile device
BirdieSync is not compatible with the version of Thunderbird or Sunbird
Another instance of BirdieSync is running under a different user windows account.

Bug corrections:

- BirdieSync now fully supports the installation on a Windows standard user account (elevation with administrator rights is still needed)
- The creation of new mail folders synchronized on the mobile device could lead to a communication failure.
- Synchronization of mails on the mobile device could be slow on Windows Mobile 5.x devices.
- On Windows Mobile 2003 devices, synchronization of recurring events with alarms from the desktop could lead to additional synchronizations from the mobile device at the end the synchronization.
- An error displayed after a previous one could display incorrect parameters.
- If lines in Thunderbird or Sunbird profiles.ini were commented with a ';' character, an error was displayed during installation when cleaning profiles.


Bug corrections:

- Contact category was not synchronized
- Desktop events and tasks with non local date and time were not synchronized with the correct time
- If a mobile device appointment had attendees, synchronization of this item in a Google calendar could lead to an unresolved item
- Sending of invitations is now disabled when synchronizing an event in a Google calendar
- If an appointment synchronized with a Google calendar was modified twice on the mobile device, it could lead to an unresolved item
- Synchronization of contacts could sometimes lead to an "unexpected error"
- If a contact with a photo was modified on the mobile device and then if the contact was edited in Thunderbird, the photo was no longer displayed in the photo tab.
- In the confirmation window to delete items during the synchronization, a tip was added to reset the synchronization.


The long awaited BirdieSync 2.0 is now available ! :-) This is a major step for BirdieSync since it now has its own synchronization engine, no longer relies on ActiveSync for synchronization and supports Thunderbird 3.0 and Lightning/Sunbird 1.0. Here are some of the new functionalities available in this version:

Supports of the new versions of Thundebird and Sunbird:

- Thunderbird 3.0 and Lightning (1.0b1)/Sunbird 1.0b2pre (17th of January) support
- Photo synchronization

Better control of synchronization:

- New synchronization engine (no longer uses ActiveSync for synchronization)
- History of all the operations performed during the synchronization
- Easy identification and management of the possible unresolved items
- You can now synchronize with more than 2 computers (ex: home, work and laptop)
- Setting of the synchronization frequency (it was not possible with ActiveSync in Vista and 7)
- Possibility to choose which version to keep if an item was simultaneously modified on desktop and mobile device (it was not possible with ActiveSync in Vista and 7)
- Possibility to replace all your items on the mobile device at first synchronization (it was not possible with ActiveSync in Vista and 7)
- You can also restart from start the synchronization of a single category of items (contacts, events, etc.)

More user-friendly:

- Errors during synchronization are now clearly displayed (no more "attention required")
- Independent synchronization set up and no more confusion with Outlook synchronization
- It is no longer necessary to reconnect the mobile device after BirdieSync options were updated
- Common errors on the mobile device no longer disconnect the mobile device and are displayed on the desktop
- All synchronization information is accessible from a single window

More security:

- Confirmation requested if the number of deleted items is superior to a configurable threshold
- Warning displayed if the mobile device hadn't been synchronized for a long period of time


This new version relies on an entirely new synchronization engine. Although this version has been thoroughly tested, before installing it, it is STRONGLY recommended to BACKUP your data as described in this FAQ topic.

Known problems:

No warning is displayed if items are deleted on the mobile device because there were synchronized in a folder whose synchronization way is "From PC to mobile device".
If you install BirdieSync on a restricted Windows user account (no administrator rights), it is necessary to exit BirdieSync (and possibly Thunderbird or Sunbird) at the of the installation and to save again BirdieSync synchronization options as well as BirdieSync options in Thunderbird or Sunbird. It may also be necessary to clean up extension cache as described in this FAQ topic.

Download and installation:

You must first install Thunderbird 3.0 and Lighthing 1.0b1 or Sunbird 1.0b2pre (17th of January). Caution: these versions are not finalized so they could be unstable.

It is recommended to UNINSTALL BirdieSync (also on the mobile device) before installing this new version.

You may DOWNLOAD the version and try it for 21 days.

Although BirdieSync has now its own synchronization engine, it is presently still necessary to install ActiveSync or the Window Mobile Device Center.
On XP, it is still necessary to install ActiveSync to be able to connect your mobile device and access to your mobile device files from the desktop.
On Vista and 7, it is only necessary to install the Windows Mobile Device Center to be able to install BirdieSync on the mobile device. But it should be possible to uninstall the WMDC afterwards.

License upgrade:

Registered users of BirdieSync may upgrade to this new major version for half the original price. Users who have registered their version of BirdieSync in the last 3 months before the official release of BirdieSync (so from the 26th of October 2009) are offered a free upgrade.

Future developments:

This new synchronization engine gives the possibility to overcome a lot of ActiveSync limitations and offer exciting possibilities of new features. Stay tuned ! :-)

Specials thanks:

Thanks to all the users who tried the beta and helped improving the quality of the final release !