Release of BirdieSync

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Release of BirdieSync

Post by Birdy » Wed Feb 28, 2007 7:09 pm



Please refer carefully to the documentation to know more about new changes
Although BirdieSync was heavily tested, please, do backups of your Thunderbird or Sunbird profile !
Caution: upgrading to this new version will lead to a complete resynchronization with the mobile

- Synchronization with several address books
- Synchronization with several calendars
- Possibility to link an address book to a contact category
- Possibility to exclude mobile contacts from synchronization
- Possibility to link a calendar to an appointment or task category
- Possibility to exclude mobile appointments and tasks from synchronization
- Event and task category synchronization
- Check that BirdieSync options are properly set in options window
- Direct access to Lightning or Sunbird time zone in BirdieSync options
- Some alert messages are more visible

Users who tried BirdieSync previously can test these new features during an additional week of trial period

Bug corrections:

- Tasks and events fields with non ASCII characters could be unproperly synchronized
- If a mail folder had non ASCII characters, modification of a mail in the mobile folder could lead to an unresolved item and a freeze in Thunderbird
- Address book, calendars and profile names with non ASCII characters were not displayed correctly in BirdieSync options
- At first installation of Birdiesync, maximum mail body size and synchronization period were not properly set
- If no mail account was created, synchronization was not possible
- If a release prior to was not uninstalled before installing a new version, the "BirdieSync options" menu could be missing in Thunderbird or Sunbird
- On some systems, at installation, Thunderbird, Sunbird or ActiveSync could be unproperly detected as running, preventing installation
- Mail icon in ActiveSync window could be replaced by card icon
- Several instances of options window could be opened at the same time
- In classical theme, BirdieSync options color were not properly set

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