Release of BirdieSync (beta)

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Release of BirdieSync (beta)

Post by Birdy » Fri Aug 04, 2006 12:39 pm

Version (beta)

It is recommended to install this new version to avoid potential "unresolved items" during event synchronization, especially regarding recurring events.

Uninstall previous version (on device and on desktop) before installing this new one.


- Portable Thunderbird and U3 Thunderbird are now supported. So it is now possible to easily synchronize Pocket Outlook with portable versions of Thunderbird. Please refer to Help file to see how to configure BirdieSync.
- Installation setup was simplified and replaced by a new wizard that will be launched under Thunderbird the first time BirdieSync is installed.
- BirdieSync options interface was redesigned to deal with the increase of options
- A new option menu is available to access options more quickly without having to go through all extension list: "Tools/BirdieSync options..."

Bug corrections:

- Recurring appointments with a modified occurence could lead to "unresolved items" due to standard/daylight changes

Version (beta)

It is recommended to install this new version since it is very important that time zones are identical on the Mobile and in Lightning. If not, it could lead to "unresolved items" during event synchronization, especially regarding recurring "all day" events.

Minor changes:

- Time zones on Mobile and in Lightning are compared to check they are identical. If not, an alert message is displayed.
- Traces were improved to identify cards or events that could lead to synchronization problems (unresolved items)

Bug corrections:

- ActiveSync could crash if Thunderbird couldn't been started

Version (beta)

This new version of BirdieSync is a major release since it supports synchronization with Lightning extension in Thunderbird. So it is now possible to synchronize appointments with events and contacts with cards.

Please read the help file to know the few restrictions related to appointment synchronization. Lightning is in early development stage, especially regarding the user interface, but the core works pretty well.

Don't forget to put an identical time zone in Lightning and in Pocket Outlook.

The integration of event synchronization has lead to important changes in the core of BirdieSync, even if these changes should not appear apparent to users. Although this release had been heavily tested, it is still proposed as a beta version. Do backups of your contacts and appointments before using it !

A new period of 21 days is available to allow evaluation of appointment synchronization.

Before installing this new version, do a clean uninstall of the previous one. These versions are not compatible and will lead to a complete resynchronization with your mobile.

I hope that you'll enjoy this new release. :D

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