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Just can't get it to work!

Posted: Fri Oct 09, 2009 3:52 am
by MD9445
TELE: Sprint Treo PRO
Windows Mobile: 6.1 Pro
ActiveSync: 4.5
Thunderbird: (20090812)
Lightning: 0.9
Windows XP SP3
Have deleted all traces of Outlook, Outlook Express, cleared the reg, cleared the files by hand, and pretty much did everything but reinstall the OS to remove ALL TRACES of Outlook.

Installed everthing exactly like the instructions state. Unlocked phone with SDA_ApplicationUnlock.exe; and rebooted phone. Log setting for apps is =1. Started with a new partnership. On the section where it asks what you would like to sync, Contacts is GRAYED, Calender is GRAYED, E-Mail is GRAYED, Tasks is GRAYED, Notes is GRAYED, Favorites is CHECKED, Files is CHECKED, Cards is CHECKED, Events is CHECKED, Mails is CHECKED, Tasks is CHECKED, Media is NOT-CHECKED.

Created a simple contact in Thunderbird under Personal Contacts, ran sync.

BirdieSync poped the error:

Category of items synchronized simultaneously with BirdieSync and Outlook.

The Tasks are simultaneously synchronized with BirdieSyne (Tasks) and Outlook (Tasks) on the same computer.

To avoid problems of "unresolved items", you must unselect one of this category in ActiveSync options.

you can disable this checking in BirdieSync options.

Sync totally fails. Nothing sync'ed, and I mean NOTHING. When I unselected the only avaiable Tasks option, everything ran smooth, but when the only selectable Tasks option is selected, it errors out.

My questions are these:
Why are there 2 options for this? (One grouped with Outlook's stuff, and the other with Thunderbird's stuff)
If there are 2 by default, and GRAYED usually means that one is a non-selectable, why would CHECKING the one by Thunderbird's stuff error out the sync when only one is selectable?

I've been playin with this stuff for like, 4 hours now, and aside from running Visual C# and trying to reverse engineer this stuff, I've just about given up on figuring this out. Any help or suggestions would be like TOTALLY KULE!!!

Re: Just can't get it to work!

Posted: Fri Oct 09, 2009 7:55 am
by Birdy
Hello MD9445,

This is rather weird. Maybe even if the Outlook option is grayed out and no longer selectable (because you uninstalled Outlook), the synchronization of Outlook task is still selected in the current partnership. Did you try to delete the Windows Mobile Device Center partnership ("Windows Mobile Device Center/End a partnership") to restart from a clean partnership ? If you still have a problem, could you send your logs to support(at) ?