Windows 7 - I got it to work

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Windows 7 - I got it to work

Post by glz » Sat Oct 31, 2009 1:50 am

Ok, all, here is what I did:

Go to Microsoft and download Windows Mobile Device Center from here: ... nload.mspx

Select the proper version (32 or 64 bit).

With the mobile DISCONNECTED, install WMDC. I chose "Run as Administrator" but not sure if that matters. You will probably receive an error about the driver, but just ignore it.

Once it is installed, connect your mobile and let it sync. I still get the MS message that there is no default email program even though I tell it Thunderbird is it; just click ok (an annoyance).

Open up windows Mobile Device center and go to "Mobile Settings" - "Content Sync Settings" and uncheck all the Outlook ones (Contacts, Calendar, Email, Tasks, Notes). (Now, mine came back after all is said and done, but I think that is because I also sync all that to an Exchange server over-the-air).

It will probably perform another sync.

Install Birdiesync and run through its thing.

Go back to WMDC and go to Mobile Settings - Content Sync Settings and check whatever you want at the bottom (Cards, Events, Tasks, Mails, Files, Favorites). It should sync fine now.

I think the key for me was a reinstall OVER THE TOP OF WMDV with the mobile DISCONNECTED (and letting it error out about the driver). Once I did that and reinstalled Birdiesync, it all appears to work just fine (except the annoying default email prompt - but that may also be due to my Exchange server sync also).

Hope this helps!


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