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Solved. W7x64 Install. aborted by imposs. restart wmdm

Posted: Wed Jan 20, 2010 1:32 am
by Rob
Installing birdiesync on a Windows 7 64bit aborted every time With the message: "impossible to restart windows mobile device manager/center".
As advised in other topic I killed wmdm.exe and wmdmhost, and started wmdm from control panel, but without a result.
(wmdm version 6.1.6965.0 with full admin-control).
Syncing without Birdiesync gives the useual "no email application installed", and an "attention needed" in my phone (Omnia I900) screen. (and points to the connection settings, which I have no idea what to adjust.. I don't understand exchange server stuff, and "my work network"
I can access my phone's storage, and active sync lets through application installs (normally).
Is this problem wmdm- orientated, or phone settings-orientated?
Would be a bummer if it wouldn't work, It seemed a perfect sync solution for Mozilla-stuff..

Any ideas anyone? Thx already.

Re: W7x64 Install. aborted by imposs. restart wmdm

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 3:20 pm
by Birdy
Hello Rob,

Did you try to delete your WMDC parnetship ?
("Windows Mobile Device Center/End a partnership" when the mobile device is not connected)
Do you still have this error when you then install BirdieSync ?

Re: W7x64 Install. aborted by imposs. restart wmdm

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 7:58 pm
by Rob

Yes, I did (thx for reaction); no result, I even reïnstalled WMDC, but with no succes..

But what did the trick: run the birdiesync.exe as administrator (right click on exe in menu)

The first installation try after that ran already somewhat further, but just a little.. and aborted again. And persistant as I am, tried it again and it proceeded!!

But just to find out that the "normal" release isn't compatible with Thunderbird 3...

Luckily I found a message on "" in German that informed me about the Thunderbird 3 compatibility of Birdiesync 2.0!

So after uninstalling 1.7 the magic repeated itself and I've got a working W7 x64, with Tunderbird 3 and Lightning, synchronizing my pochet pc (I900 Omnia) with WM6.1.

Thanx guys, you've got a good thing going on, I hope my adventure helps a bit too!