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AVG detects virus/trojan during install

Posted: Fri Dec 08, 2006 3:05 am
by jaygo
Of the 3 PCs I've installed birdiesync ( on, 1 detected a trojan "PSW.Lineage" among the temp files used during the installation. I had to reinstall about 4 times and AVG (the new 7.5 malware version) gave me two warnings each time (I don't remember which file it was exactly, but can probably find out). I'm not very worried about it because I'm assuming it's a false positive, but we should try to resolve it with grisoft.

-the same install file was used on another PC (running AVG free) without a problem.
-running the installation on the problem PC always failed to install birdie onto the phone itself ... no options for choosing an install path either. (Eventually, I found the install cabs and installed it manually to get it working)

Thanks very much for this program, it's a big leap forward in Mozilla's synching abilities.


Posted: Fri Dec 08, 2006 10:31 am
by Birdy
It is very likely a false positive.
A user had the same problem with AVG downloading and installing Firefox (2006/12/06).
I ran BirdieSync through
The 30 antivirus found no virus. 8)

Regarding the installation problem on your mobile, maybe it is related to this thread:
If not, I would be interested in getting more information about the way the installation failed.

Posted: Fri Dec 08, 2006 8:43 pm
by jaygo
It's a new version of AVG, so I'm attributing it to that for now, but I'll be running a full scan today just to make sure. I checked out virustotal, that's a cool site.

The installation prob seems unrelated to that other post. During this install, everything would progress normally until the point where it normally installs onto the phone, and the phone prompts user for a location install. The phone never prompted or gave notice that anything happened. Meanwhile, the install program displays a list of all the custom software installed on the phone (I believe this is an Active Sync window) and gives you a remove button. On this problem computer/phone, birdiesync never showed up in that list, however on the well-behaved PCs, birdiesync was in the list.

Normally, following this point, the install goes on to walk the user through a number of steps they will perform during setup. That simply didn't happen.

That's all the detail I can remember atm, but if I get any more errors, I'll get all the gritty details for you. For now, just having the cabs in the program folder saved the day.

thx again

Re: AVG detects virus/trojan during install

Posted: Fri Jun 05, 2009 7:25 am
by paolari
How to get rid of trojan fakeavalert from my pc? the antivirus program in my computer has failed to delete the virus from my pc so please some one suggest a free downlodable anti virus program that can delete trojan fakeavalert from my pc?And please suggest how the virus infected my pc with out my knowledge? How can I prevent future attacks?

Re: AVG detects virus/trojan during install

Posted: Tue Jun 09, 2009 7:49 am
by Birdy
Hello paolari,

I think you should try to get help on an anti-virus forum where you will find skilled people to help you solve your problem.
If you want to use a free anti-virus, you may try Avast or Avira Antivir. And the best advices to be protected from virus are: don't open attachments in mails sent from people you don't trust. Keep your computer up to date to correct security issues.