Problems with the License and Birdiesync 1.7

If BirdieSync 1.x constantly replaces your girlfriend's phone number with your mother's one, this forum is for you...
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Problems with the License and Birdiesync 1.7

Post by TealC » Sat Jun 19, 2010 9:01 am

Hi !

Yesterday i make with paypal a registration and became a key via email.

The way to registration in this emal doenst work in Birdiesync doesn´t work, because i didn´t find the "Enter license Button" Because in the Version i have only a window "license..." When i open this window i can see:


Registration information of BirdieSync is not available

Name: [grey field]
Email: [grey field]
Number of users: [grey field]
Organization: [grey field]

I then entered the license as described for BirdieSync

but it doens´t work ?

Have I a wronng key for the version ? Is this key only for BirdieSync 2.0 ? But i need BirdieSync because i work with Thuinderbird 2.0 not with 3.0

Pleas help me and I hope you understand my English...

Best Greetings from Germany


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Re: Problems with the License and Birdiesync 1.7

Post by Birdy » Sun Jun 20, 2010 9:02 am

Hello TealC,

Thank you for having registered ! As described in the registration mail, the key you received is for BirdieSync 2.0. If you still use Thunderbird 2.0, Sunbird 0.9 and BirdieSync you have to send a mail to sales(at) to get a key compatible with this previous version. Please send a mail to sales(at) Thanks.

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