BirdieSync doesn't work after installing under Vista Busines

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BirdieSync doesn't work after installing under Vista Busines

Post by RMerlin » Mon Apr 30, 2007 10:51 pm


After installing and configuring BirdieSync under Windows Vista Business 32 bits (with TB 2.0.0 and Lightning 0.3.1) I am unable to sync my Cards. In the Sync Center I can briefly see a 'Cards: Attention Required' message before it gets overwritten by Sync Completed (like almost everyone I also think that this WMDC is even worse than ActiveSync, which was never a marvel to start with :roll: )

I tried to monitor system activity using Systernals's Process Monitor tool, and discovered that during a sync there was no reference at all to BirdieSync (neither in any filename, process, or registry key, while there was plenty of references to SplashID, another application that I use to sync passwords between my desktop and my iPaq).

I suspect that somehow, BirdieSync didn't correctly register itself with the WMDC at install time (or at least not fully).

I did configure everything in Thunderbird.

I used to use BirdieSync under WinXP before, with no problem (so this isn't my first time using it :).

Various issues I encountered during install:

1- install.log said 'Error while opening file for reading: C:\Program Files\BirdieSync/Preferences.xml'. So I copied that file from Users\username\Roaming\BirdieSync into that specified folder. Not sure if that error is just to handle upgrade scenarios or really an issue.

2- install.log also complained about 'Impossible to load archive file (GetLastError = 0)'. Not sure if this is related to the previous message however.

2- The preferences.xml file on my PDA had a different filesize , so I tried overwriting it with the one from my desktop. Still no luck.

I ran out of idea there. Any suggestion? I do see the Cards/Mails/etc options in my Sync Settings, I have only enabled Cards in the BirdieSync-related options.

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Post by Birdy » Mon Apr 30, 2007 11:17 pm

Thanks for your investigation. Actually, the management of errors by the WMDC, like the one you mentioned (and described in the help file), still have some problems. Microsoft is aware of these problems. I hope that they will be corrected in the next release. :roll:

You don't need to copy the Preferences.xml file in BirdieSync directory. As you mentioned, the error was generated during the upgrade.

If you can have access to cards, events, etc. in WMDC options, I would think that BirdieSync is properly installed.

I will need all the log files to investigate your problem.
Could you send me them as described in this thread ?


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Post by RMerlin » Thu May 03, 2007 3:03 pm


The problem started to spread to my other synced data too. No amount of uninstalling/reinstalling could fix it, and Birdie couldn't find any helpful error message in the logs that we exchanged.

I came to the conclusion that the problem was with my Vista install itself, and did an in-place upgrade (that's technical for 'reinstalled on top of itself :P) of Vista. After that I reinstalled WMDC, and everything started syncing perfectly (didn't even need to reinstall BirdieSync).

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