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Procedure to install, upgrade or uninstall BirdieSync

Posted: Wed May 23, 2007 9:12 pm
by Birdy
Install procedure:

Before installing BirdieSync and synchronizing, please check that you have a recent backup of your data. You'll find more information on how to backup your data in this thread.

- Install ActiveSync or the Windows Mobile Device Center if it is not installed
- Connect your mobile
- Wait for the end of the synchronization
- Close Thunderbird and Sunbird
- Launch BirdieSync installer then read and strictly follow all the recommendations (especially at the end of the installation)

Uninstall procedure:

If you don't want to have your items categories (cards, events, tasks or mails) still selected in ActiveSync/WMDC options when you reinstall BirdieSync later:
- Synchronize your mobile
- Uncheck categories in ActiveSync/WMDC options
- Disconnect your mobile

To uninstall BirdieSync:

- Close Thunderbird and/or Sunbird
- Launch BirdieSync uninstaller
- Launch Thunderbird and/or Sunbird to remove BirdieSync extension in the current profile (the extension will be automatically removed, you don't need to do particular operation)
- Manually uninstall BirdieSync on your mobile.

Note: If your are under Windows Mobile 5.0 and get an error while uninstalling BirdieSync on the mobile, please refer to this thread.

Upgrade procedure:

- Uninstall BirdieSync
- Upgrade Thunderbird and/or Sunbird if you need to.
- Install new BirdieSync version
- Launch Thunderbird or Sunbird
- Configure BirdieSync options

If BirdieSync options is not displayed in Thunderbird or Sunbird Tools menu or if the version number of BirdieSync extension is incorrect after upgrading BirdieSync:

If you have no BirdieSync options displayed in Thunderbird or Sunbird Tools menu or if the version number of BirdieSync is incorrect, there might be a problem with Thunderbird or Sunbird extension manager cache. The operations described hereafter for Thunderbird are also available for Sunbird, even if the profile directory is different (C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Application Data\Mozilla\Sunbird\Profiles\<profile id>)

Before any operation, do backup your Thunderbird profile:
C:\Documents and Settings\<users name>\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\<profile id>\
("Application Data is a hidden folder, check that you can see hidden files (in File Explorer options))

Close Thunderbird

In the profile of Thunderbird: C:\Documents and Settings\<users name>\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\<profile id>

After having backuped the following files, delete them:
- extensions.cache
- extensions.ini
- extensions.rdf
- compreg.dat
- xpti.dat

Relaunch Thunderbird

Check if you can now access to BirdieSync options.