First Sync always generetaes dupes

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First Sync always generetaes dupes

Post by lUp » Tue Aug 07, 2007 3:41 pm


I've got a persisting problem with syncing my WM2003se Device with Windows (either Outlook or TB, doesn't matter).

After formatting and installing everything new, at some point I sync my phone for the first time with the PC.

The Result is always, that there are afterwards duplicate contacts and appointments in the calender. But this concerns not every contact or appointment, only some. While I understand the contact issue (and already installed a plugin for TB to get rid of them) the duplicate appointments are quite unpleasent, as I imported a free calender with the holidays for germany and they are duped everytime.

The duplicate Appointments always have the same time, same incident, same duration and so on. It's absolutely the same event. I would think, that syncing also means, that the prog understands, that this event already exists and that it would skip to the next one. But somehow this is not happening.

Has somebody got a solution for this, as I'm going to reformat my sys in the near future?

FYI: OS is Windows Vista Ultimate, newest birdiesync ( and Thunderbird.

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Post by Birdy » Thu Aug 09, 2007 10:58 am


It is possible that these duplicates come from time zone differences between the events. Note also that the elimination of duplicates is only done at first synchronization if you choose the "Combine" option. I think that a dedicated mecanism to remove duplicates will be offered in a next release.
I will ask you for complementary information by mail.

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