Folders remaining on pda when not sync'd

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Folders remaining on pda when not sync'd

Post by Juggler » Mon Sep 17, 2007 11:47 pm

Hi there, now this may be my misunderstanding of the way Birdysync should work, but I thought it was worth asking the question.

If I sync a folder to my PDA using Birdysync, it is copied across and all is well. If I no longer want that folder on my PDA, I can uncheck the box and it will no longer be sync'd. However, the folder remains on my PDA, along with all the messages.

Now if I remove the messages and the folder thats fine, but I recently did this, then later decided I wanted that folder sync'd again. When I reselected it to sync, the messages that had previously been deleted from the PDA were deleted from the PC too!

Now I would have thought the more sensible course of action when a folder is no longer being sync'd would have been to remove it at the next connection from the PDA when the box is unchecked?

Perhaps somebody could enlighten me if I am doing something wrong to cause this.


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Post by Birdy » Tue Sep 18, 2007 11:34 am


I made some tests with the unselection of a synchronized folder but it seemed to work fine. Here is what I did:

- Select a new mail folder for synchronization
- Reconnect the mobile and synchronize the mail folder
- Disconnect the mobile
- Delete the mail folder
- Unselect the mail folder for synchronization
- Reconnect the mobile (the mail folder is no longer synchronized) (1)
- Disconnect the mobile
- Select again the mail folder for synchronization
- Reconnect the mobile (the mail folder is synchronized again)

Result: the mails are transfered again from the Thunderbird folder to the mobile.

But note that if you didn't perform step (1): reconnection of the mobile after you unselected the mail folder for synchronization, that could delete your mails. Because from BirdieSync view, you deleted messages that belong to a folder that has always been synchronized...

If you delete a folder which is synchronized, you should normally have a pop up on the mobile asking to unselect the synchronized folder.

A folder which is no longer synchronized is not deleted for two reasons:
- A folder which is not synchronized on the mobile could be used to manage your mail account on the mobile (through a mobile internet connection) or just to store mails that you don't want to synchronize with Thunderbird.
- For security reasons, folders are no longer deleted by BirdieSync when no longer synchronized.

Note also that mails which are deleted in Thunderbird during the synchronization process are put in Thunderbird trash.

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