Problem with thunderbird and Moto Q

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Problem with thunderbird and Moto Q

Post by danwhiteinak » Wed Sep 26, 2007 5:30 pm

currently I have three email accounts to which I check. I am running Windows Mobile 5.0 on the Motorola Q with thunderbird. 2 of my email accounts are msn, which I am able to access using the webmail plug-in for thunderbird. The third is an IMAP account. I haven't set up any on the Motorola Q because the outlook doesn't allow the set-up of webmail accounts. I just want to be able to read my mail on the the Motorola Q. Is there a workaround for this and what do I need to do?


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Post by Birdy » Wed Sep 26, 2007 7:03 pm

Hello danwhiteinak,

Just create POP3 accounts on the mobile with dummy values for POP3 and SMTP server. Of course these accounts will not allow you to access to your mails directly from the mobile but will allow to synchronize them with Thunderbird. Simply set a correct mail address if you want to synchronize sent mails and use the same account name as in Thunderbird.

But I am not sure that synchronization works with the webmail plug-in. Please do some tests with a single folder and several unimportant messages and contact me again if you have problems.

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