Active Windows became inactive during connection

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Active Windows became inactive during connection

Post by loneraver » Fri Nov 02, 2007 7:41 pm


First of all, synchronisation works very fine. I use a combination of Thunderbird (Tasks and Events) and Outlook 07 (Contacts).

But, when my HTC TyTn is connected to my PC, my current application (for example the Firefox) became inactive. Some seconds later it become active again. But in these periode, I can not work with it, of course.

This happens with all my applications. And it repeats. It is anoying, and proper work is impossible this way. I need to deactivate the connection manually, so I can work on PC during the phone reloads.

Is this normal with using BirdieSync? When I had only installed ActiveSync and Outlook there was no sign of such a problem. It would be a shame if I would loose the functionality of BirdieSync, because it is a great program, but at the moment I do not really like it.

My phone runs under Windows Mobile 6, my Desktop-OS is Windows XP SP2 with an installed ActiveSync 4.5.0. Thunderbird is in Version and Lightning 0.7.

Thank you for answering!

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Post by Birdy » Mon Nov 05, 2007 5:04 pm

Hello loneraver,

I understand your problem. But I don't succeed in reproducing it.
Here is what I did:
- Thunderbird is already launched
- Firefox has the focus and is active
- Connection of the mobile device
- Automatically perform some synchronizations (every minutes)

Firefox remains active all along the whole synchronization process and doesn't lose the focus.

Did you see if another window gets the focus when you lose it in your application ?

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Post by loneraver » Wed Nov 07, 2007 9:26 pm

I do not see which application gets the focus. But it is not only the firefox which is loosing it, even Thunderbird and ActiveSync become every 5 seconds for about one and a half second inactive. Also a grabbed Window becomes inactive (I mean, if you hold the left button on the mouse on title bar and move the window. Sorry for my english abilities).

At the moment I deactivate the automatic connection of the mobile device at active sync. Every time I want to synchronize, I activate it, ignore the failure, and then I deactivate it again.

But it is nice that you are answering as fast as you do. This is making me hopefully.

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Post by loneraver » Wed Nov 07, 2007 11:24 pm

Damn. Birdiesync is not the evil one. As often, it is Microsoft itself :evil:

Probably the setup of Office was the failure. The problem is written down here. No proper solution available at this point of time. At least I was not able to find one.

Birdy , I thank you for your efforts. This topic can be closed.

I must correct myself. I knew it already, but won't believe it. Not MS, it is the SetPoint (3.3) Software I need for my Logitech DiNovo. It is a pity that these twho things will not work together.

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