"Attention required" - events and tasks don't sync

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"Attention required" - events and tasks don't sync

Post by stuartro » Fri Nov 09, 2007 4:54 pm

I'm getting the dreaded "Attention required" all the time, and each time I eventually get to where events and contacts no longer sync at all. I've even tried a hard-reset of my Motorola Q and reinstalled everything. Same problem each time.

My software is:

Lightning 0.7 (build 2007102304)
Provider for Google Calender 0.3.1
Birthday reminder
ActiveSync 4.5.0
Motorola Q with .NET 2.0

I have 2 Google calendars and one local calendar, and a number of address books linked to card categories.

I have sent all of the log files mentioned here to the support email.

Any and all assistance you can provide will be much appreciated.


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