"Resolve items" does nothing

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"Resolve items" does nothing

Post by stuartro »

Each time when I sync (or at least attempt to), I get told that there are any number of unresolved events. Normally "1 unresolved item", most times "2 unresolved items" and sometimes another number. Never 0, though.

Clicking on ActiveSync's blue "Resolve items..." link simply seems to be the same as manually starting a sync by clicking on the green Sync button, except that clicking on the link starts a sync that never finishes - the green "wheel" spins endlessly. Pressing "Stop" changes the text to "Stopping" but never completes either. The only way to "fix" this is to disconnect my mobile device.

Anyhow, the second issue (sync never finishes working or stopping) isn't the main issue - the unresolved items is.

If, instead of clicking on the blue "Resolve items..." link, I right-click on the "2 unresolved items..." text and then select "Resolve items..." another sync appears to be triggered. This time, the sync does complete, but accomplishes nothing (the end result is still "2 unresolved items...").

Any ideas (or even better, patches) will be appreciated.


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Post by Birdy »

If you have unresolved items during the synchronization which cannot be resolved clicking on the "unresolved items" link in ActiveSync window, it generally means that these items have incompatibility between Thunderbird and Pocket Outlook. Generally Thunderbird is more permissive than Pocket Outlook regarding the definition of events: for instance it accepts deleted or modified occurences whose dates are posterior the date of the recurrence end. Pocket Outlook is more restrictive and doesn't accept them. Some of these case are described in BirdieSync help. But they are often very particular cases.

If you want to identify these events, you can have a look to the following logs:



Located in:

XP: In C:\Documents and Settings\<users name>\Application Data\BirdieSync\Log\
Vista: In C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\BirdieSync\Log

(Application Data is a hidden folder: in explorer window, you must check the option "Show hidden files and folders")



Located in \Program Files\BirdieSync

Note: If case you have problem in copying "DeviceProvider.log" on the device because of a sharing violation:

Launch the file explorer. Go to \Program Files\BirdieSync. Copy and paste DeviceProvider.log on the device (not on the desktop) in the same directory . That should duplicate the file DeviceProvider.log to another file named "Copy of DeviceProvidere.log". This copy will not be locked and you should be able to copy it to the desktop.

These logs should help you identify the problematic events. You could either modify them or delete them, then reconnect your mobile to relaunch the synchronization.

If you want some help to analyze the logs, please send all the logs to support as described in this thread.


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