Birdiesync + Lightning 0.8 + WebDAV error

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Birdiesync + Lightning 0.8 + WebDAV error

Post by novaflash » Wed Apr 30, 2008 8:29 pm

Hello Mr. Birdiesync,

Awesome program you have made, I use it all the time. I recently upgraded to and everything runs great.

The problem begins when I tell Birdiesync to synchronize one of my calendars with my PDA. I've set the synchronization settings in the Windows Mobile Device Center to include calendar events (eh.. the category called "events", not "calendar", ofcourse), and I've also set the Birdiesync options to synchronize a calendar from Lightning to my PDA. When Birdiesync synchronizes the calendar, I immediately get an error message in Thunderbird generated by Lightning. Basically it says that the calendar could not be locked for use and was therefore placed in read-only mode. I can fix this by going to the calendar tab in Thunderbird and clicking on the 'lock-icon' thereby making it read-write again, but I'd rather there were no error messages and the calendar would just synchronize.

There are a few things with my setup that you may need to be aware of.

I have a computer with Windows Vista Home Premium. I've installed Lightning 0.8 in Mozilla Thunderbird I've set up an Apache2 WebDAV server on my Ubuntu 7.04 Linux server at home. I've set Lightning 0.8 to publish and subscribe to calendars on my WebDAV server. This means that these calendars are stored in my Thunderbird/Lightning profile but every few minutes it downloads a fresh copy from my Apache2 WebDAV server. Whenever I add a new event or change an event, it transmits these changes to the Apache2 WebDAV server. The calendars are working great. I can create new events, which are stored on my WebDAV server, and I can access the calendars from multiple computers just fine. I have not had a single problem with working with these calendars from within Lightning or even Sunbird.

It is one of these calendars that I try to synchronize with Birdiesync. It is this procedure that fails.

The interesting thing is that some events from my PDA are being stored in my calendar in Thunderbird/Lightning. So there is some communication.

If you need any more information.. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread and can post various technical information if necessary or even give you an account on my Apache2 WebDAV server for testing if you don't feel like setting one up yourself.

Thanks for anything you can do to help me.

* edit; I forgot to mention, events from my calendars in Lightning are not being placed on my PDA.

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