Installation Problem

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Installation Problem

Post by Robin » Fri May 02, 2008 12:41 pm


i have got a problem during the installation of birdiesync. I get the following error:
"Error while registering DesktopProvider.dll
Please check that you have administrator rights under the current user account"
I definitly have administrator rights.

The content of my desktopProvider.log in the Birdiesync\Log folder is:
Local 02/05/2008 14:37:33::0140 BirdieSync: version
Local 02/05/2008 14:37:33::0156 Operating system: id 2, version 5.1, SP 2.0

Local 02/05/2008 14:37:33::0156 ERROR: Could not set synchronization default value (result = 0x0) (GetLastError = 0)
Local 02/05/2008 14:37:33::0156 ERROR: Error while registering ActiveSync contact service (GetLastError = 0)

My Device: HTC Touch (WM 6)
OS: Windows XP
Birdiesync: V1.6.9.0
Thunderbird: V2.0.0.14
Lightning: V0.8

Any suggestion what i am doing wrong?

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Re: Installation Problem

Post by Birdy » Mon May 05, 2008 12:37 pm

Hello Robin,

I sent you a new version to install to investigate on your problem.

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