Active Sync and Unchecking Contacts

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Active Sync and Unchecking Contacts

Post by Gaetti » Mon May 12, 2008 3:33 am

I am trying to set up BirdieSync for the first time on my Blackjack and one of the instructions is to remove the check box next to Contacts, Calender, and Tasks in ActiveSync. ActiveSync gives the message, "To proceed, ActiveSync must remove all Contacts on your Smartphone. Do you want to continue?" I experimented with the Tasks and the 3 tasks I had saved on my Blackjack were deleted. Now I am very concerned that by unchecking Contacts and Calander I will lose all my information. What can I do to get this program working without losing all of my data?

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Re: Active Sync and Unchecking Contacts

Post by Birdy » Mon May 12, 2008 9:56 am


A first solution is to backup your data with PPCPimBackup as mentioned in this thread. Then you can restore them after having deleted them on the mobile device.

The second solution is to keep the synchronization with Outlook (although it is not recommended because it can sometimes lead to unresolved items). If you want to keep it, you may uncheck "Check that a category of items is not simultaneously selected for synchronization with Outlook on the same machine" in Tools/BirdieSync/Options/Miscellaneous/Checkings.

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