Confused about Local Folders, Send/Receive

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Confused about Local Folders, Send/Receive

Post by n8dnx » Fri Jul 18, 2008 7:38 pm

I'm confused:

BirdieSync does a good job of syncing the "Local Folders" in Thunderbird to the "Outlook E-Mail" folder on my HTC Mogul (WM6) phone. The problem is that I can't use the "Outlook E-Mail" folder on the phone to Send/Receive E-Mail from the phone because I don't know how to assign E-Mail account setting to that. I do have another folder on the phone for my E-Mail account and can send/receive fine with that, but it's not sync'd with Thunderbird.

Is there a way I can have the same folder on Thunderbird and my phone, have it sync between the two, and be able to use that to send/receive E-Mail on my phone as well as Thunderbird?

Also, I'm not able to search the messages in this forum. Every time I submit a search, it tells me I used common words. Problem is, I don't know what else to search for other than "Local Folders", "Account", "Sync", ... Any chance that can be loosened up a bit to permit more general searches?

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Re: Confused about Local Folders, Send/Receive

Post by Birdy » Sat Jul 19, 2008 5:14 am


If you want to synchronize with a mobile mail account which receives/sends mails, you must do it with a Thunderbird mail account which has its own independent tree (Inbox, Sent, etc...), not located under "Local Folders". There is a special option for that when you create your Thunderbird mail account (it is not possible to change it after). The name of your Thunderbird mail account should have the SAME name as your mobile device one. If you want more information, I suggest you to have a look to BirdieSync help file.

I will see if it is possible to improve the searches in the forum.

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