BirdieSync + MyMobiler causes freeze + Hardreset

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BirdieSync + MyMobiler causes freeze + Hardreset

Post by MikeRofone » Mon Aug 11, 2008 10:14 am

Hello folks,

I'm using BirdieSync with a german "T-Mobile MDA II" wich is basically a branded HTC Himalaya, if I'm not mistaken. My system configuration is as follows:
  • Windows Vista 64bit
  • The Vista Synchronization Center-Software
  • BirdieSync for synchronization with Thunderbird
  • MyMobiler (ver 1.21)
  • T-Mobile MDAII via USB
I now encountered a very annoying problem for about three or four times already, which seems to be reproducible (but I'm not too eager to try again ;) ).
If one connects the PocketPC and then starts MyMobiler (a "RemoteDesktop" tool for PPC, check the link above) BEFORE the synchronization with BirdieSync was complete and finished, it might happen that the PocketPC freezes in a way that you can only resurrect it by removing and reinserting the battery (no softreset, and I even could not use the hard-reset button combination). When it's rebootet, all data in volatile memory is lost like after a hard reset, and all Software + Data need to be reinstalled afterwards.

I don't know if the issue lies with BirdieSync or MyMobiler, and when MyMobiler is used AFTER synchronization, I never had any issues at all. But if one forgets to wait for the end of synchronization, this severe error may occur.

Again, I do not know if the problem is BirdieSync or MyMobiler (I reported it to the MyMobiler staff as well), but perhaps it might be something worth looking at ;)

Besides all that, BirdieSync runs like a charm and I definitely did the right thing with registering it :)

Mike Rofone

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Re: BirdieSync + MyMobiler causes freeze + Hardreset

Post by Birdy » Thu Aug 21, 2008 11:07 am

Hello Mike,

I made several tests with My Mobiler but didnt' succeed in reproducing the problem (I started My Mobiler or connected it before the synchronization ended).
This problem is weird and I think that it would be difficult to identify its cause. Maybe it would be related to an ActiveSync problem or has a link with some deep layer in Windows Mobile (since it totally freezes the mobile device). I don't know how My Mobiler works and which technologies it uses.

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