Problem with notes of appointments

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Problem with notes of appointments

Post by javaman » Mon Aug 25, 2008 7:38 pm

I think I found an issue with the synchronization of appointments notes.
When an appointment is created in Sunbird, the associated note (called description in Sunbird) is ignored by the search.

Steps to reproduce:
- create an appointment in Sunbird and write some text in the description, for ex. switzerland
- sync
- on the pda open the search program and search for "switzerland"
- the new appointment is not found.

- on the pda open the appointment
- edit the note, for example add a blank and delete it
- save it
- perform the search for "switzerland" again and this time the appointment is found
- any subsequent change to the note done in Sunbird, will "hide" the appointment again.

My hardware is: hp 114 with winmob 6.0, ActiveSync 4.5 on both Win 2000 and XP

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