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BirdieSync beta

Post by Birdy » Wed Aug 27, 2008 2:16 pm

Version beta

This version can be downloaded from this link.

This is a BETA version. If you have problems with this version, especially after upgrading, please feel free to report them in this thread.

Please do BACKUP all your data as mentioned in this thread before installing this new version

Because of important modifications, it is necessary to fully reconfigure BirdieSync options after having installed this new version.
So you must open "Tools/BirdieSync/Options" and then configure the synchronization.

Please read carefully BirdieSync help file to know more about the new synchronization way "from the desktop to the mobile device". Especially, it is necessary to synchronize 2 times to roll back the modifications that you did on your mobile device.


- Configuration of task and event synchronization is now independent. It's possible to choose separately which calendar is synchronized for events and tasks. This is particularly useful for Google calendars which don't support task synchronization.
- In addition to the "both ways" synchronization, it is now possible to synchronize only "from the desktop to the mobile device". All the modifications performed on the mobile device will be ignored. For instance, this feature should be used to synchronize all "read only" calendars like public holidays calendars or automatically generated birthday calendars.

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