BirdieSync sends multiple copies of the same message

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BirdieSync sends multiple copies of the same message

Post by billinge » Sat Aug 30, 2008 1:49 am


I have been using BirdieSync for almost a year now and everything has worked except one thing. I have BirdieSync set to synchronize my outbox. When I write multiple emails on my mobile then synchronize with Thunderbird 2, the emails are duplicated in a specfic pattern.

If I write one email, just one is sent.
If I write two emails, one is sent once and one is sent twice - i.e. a total of three are sent.
If I write three emails, one is sent once, one is sent twice and one is sent three times - i.e. a total of six are sent.

I think you get the picture. My setup is:
Windows Mobile 2003SE

Any ideas?


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