TB mapping fields

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TB mapping fields

Post by seadogsinc » Thu Nov 09, 2006 2:58 pm

Hi, great program.

I am having a problem with the fields being mapped to my Pocket PC, specificall the display name. The address book is being synced no problem. When I view the names in the Contacts on the Pocket PC, they are sorted by first name and last name, although each entry appears to have the first name and last name mapped to the correct fields. What I think is happening is that during the sync it somehow tells Pocket Outlook to sort the contacts via the display name in TB, which is usually set to First Name and Last Name. Is there anyway to change this so that the Pocket PC recognizes that it is supposed to sort via lastname, firstname? I am trying not to go through the hassle of editing all of the display names in my TB address book.

OS - Windows XP Pro
TB v - (20061025)
Firefox v -

Dell Axim X30
OS -Window Mobile 2003 SE
Processor - Inte PXA270
Rom v - A06

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Post by Birdy » Thu Nov 09, 2006 5:19 pm


Unfortunatelly, for the moment, I found no workaround for this situation. Actually, BirdieSync synchronizes the "Display" field of Thunderbird to the "File As" field in Pocket Outlook. If the "Display" field was filled with "First Name Last Name", Pocket Outlook will use it to sort all the contacts, which is contrary to the usual sorting "Last Name, First Name". An I found no options in Pocket Outlook to choose the sorting...

I looked for a Thunderbird extension to automatically generate the "Display" field the way we want but found none.

A solution would be to add an option in BirdieSync to replace the Display field by something chosen by the user like "Last Name First Name" for instance. But it would be for a next version...

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Post by seadogsinc » Thu Nov 09, 2006 5:49 pm

Okay, thanks and I look forward to the next version

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Post by Skyfighter » Sun Feb 04, 2007 11:28 pm

Hi @all!

I just got a HTC TyTn a few days ago and searched an tool which is able to sync my contacts with thunderbird - I never used Outlook and I never want to. I am really happy that I found that great application - Thanks Birdy for developing it!

btw: Sorry for my bad english... ;(

Bevore I found BirdieSync I started to save some contacts in my ppc by hand. Then I tried BirdieSyn and I could Sync all my Contacts. But as seadogsinc already mentioned, my manual created Contacs are sorted like "Last Name, First Name" and the synced Contacts are sorted like "First Name Last Name". Now my contact list seems to be a little bit confusing.. :cry:

Your workaround sounds great - I'm really looking foward for the next version!! :wink:

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