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connect complete failure :-((

Posted: Sun Nov 16, 2008 3:24 pm
by cbhihe
Hello everybody,

I have been using Active Sync and BS for a few weeks, since buying the license, to synchronize one HTC Windows Mobile 6.0 device with two laptops (LT1, LT2) running WinXP Pro SP3 , Tb, ActiveSync 4.5.0 and BS It functionned until 3 days ago LT2 declared it could not connect with the mobile device anymore.
At that time the corresponding partnership with LT2 ceased to be visible, while the other one with LT1 was still visible and functional.

Following that I investigated, and went through :
- the steps described to troubleshoot failing connections.
- killed ActiveSync, started it again, both using the ActiveSync toggle app and doing it manually by killing related individual processes.
- connected / disconnected the Mobile device and checked all (unchanged) parameters according to the sequences described in the FAQ ( I also surfed the forum for a couple of hours, looking for hints on what to do....)
- erased the partnership in an effort to start again with a clean slate.
Nothing doing. LT2 does not recognize the mobile device anymore. I could not rebuild the old partnership. Therefore no synchronization can take place.

At that point, LT1 could still synchronizes like a breeze. No problem there.

Then I decided to uninstall BS from Laptop2 (LT2) and from the mobile device. I did following all the steps of the BS FAQ. The uninstall went fine.
Then I downloaded a fresh version of BS 1.7.0 and tried to install it, following all the steps on the BS webpage. Nothing doing.

Result: LT2 cannot connect with the mobile device and throws me a bone that says "Your mobile should be connected to pursue installation...."
Now I am left with basically two laptops and a PDA that I can't synchronize at all.

Can anyone help at all ?


[SOLVED] Re: connect complete failure :-((

Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2008 9:56 am
by cbhihe
Hello again,
I must thank Birdy for helping off line with the above.

Solution: The problem looked from the start as if it were an ActiveSync thing, nothing basically wrong with BirdieSync. So following Birdie's advice I went and **un**checked the tick box under:
Today > Settings > Connections > USB to PC > Box "Enable advanced network functionality"
According to Birdie: "That will switch from a "RNDIS" to a serial USB connection and your mobile device will connect to the PC as Windows Mobile 2003 devices did."
The result was spectacular. It worked on the first sync try at the cost of a (slightly) lower sync speed. But who cares.

Now, what I surmise is that what I have here is a problem with a Cisco VPN dial-up thingy that I started to use when the first sync failure happened more or less. It could be so that the Cisco VPN dialer is not the sharing type ActiveSync.
I recommend you read further on ... rewall.htm about this. Look up the article number 15, bullet number 2. I am no expert and I do not guarantee that this is the root cause, but it sure looks it.
Cheers all.

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