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Problem syncing with Treo 700wx

Posted: Wed Nov 15, 2006 12:11 am
by JDFire
I have a 700wx and am having problems with it. Is there any way you can point my in the right direction? I am not getting any errors but just getting where it hangs at the cards when trying to Sync

Posted: Wed Nov 15, 2006 9:19 am
by Birdy

Under Windows Mobile 5.0, if you've just selected an item (cards, events, ...) in ActiveSync options window in order to synchronize them or stop their synchronization, the first synchronization can take a very long time (sometimes several minutes). Well, that's a "normal" behavior. It seems to be caused by ActiveSync for some reason... The workaround to accelerate things, is simply to press one time the "Sync" button in ActiveSync window on your mobile when it remains blocked on "Connected". It forces the synchronization to go on. Fortunately, this particular behavior only occurs when you modify the items you want to synchronize in the ActiveSync options window, and no longer in next synchronizations.

If your problem is not related to that, then I will try to investigate with you.

Keep me informed about your progresses.