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BirdieSync Error

Posted: Mon Feb 23, 2009 8:27 pm
by SveN.W
when syncing my PDA with Thunderbird/Lightning, my PDA comes with a error message saying an error happend while syncing.
Looks like a problem with my contacts. Syncing only tasks and calendar works.
The device log on the PDA says:
Local 23/02/2009 21:23:36::0000 BirdieSync: version
Local 23/02/2009 21:23:36::0000 Operating system: PocketPC, version 4.21
Local 23/02/2009 21:23:37::0000 Listing all Contacts on device
Local 23/02/2009 21:23:37::0000 WARNING: Enumerating Contact item number = 15/100 returned an error = 0x80070057 (GetLastError = 25)
Local 23/02/2009 21:23:38::0000 WARNING: 1 error(s) while enumerating Contact items => stop synchronization (GetLastError = 0)
Local 23/02/2009 21:23:38::0000 ERROR: Could not get object items (GetLastError = 0)
Local 23/02/2009 21:23:38::0000 ERROR: Object type was: 0 (GetLastError = 0)

Looks like it has a problem with no. 15 of my contacts. But even deleting some in between it shows the same message.
Is there a way to tell what the problem may be?


Re: BirdieSync Error

Posted: Mon Feb 23, 2009 9:05 pm
by Birdy
Hello SveN.W,

Before any operation, please backup your data as mentioned in this FAQ topic.

The problem is that some errors are returned by Pocket Outlook when enumerating contacts on the mobile device (1 contact returns an error). But this kind of errors should never happen. It is generally related to a particular contact category. For some particular reasons, on Windows Mobile 2003 mobile devices, it is sometimes impossible to access to the category of some contacts and that cause problems while enumerating them. (I never saw this problem on 5.x+ Windows Mobile devices)

If you try to backup your contacts with a tool like PPCPimBackup, do you succeed in backuping all your contacts (100) ?
Could you try to restore them choosing to delete the contacts present on the mobile device (to remove the potentially incorrect contacts and replace them with the PPCPimBackup) ?

Then delete ActiveSync/Windows Mobile Device Center partnership and try to synchronize again your contacts with BirdieSync.

Re: BirdieSync Error

Posted: Mon Feb 23, 2009 9:52 pm
by SveN.W

thanks! Now it is working.
I did a backup of all my contacts, which worked without a problem.
But just restoring them again had the same result. After that I deleted all manually. Synced them with Thunderbird (wich of course deleted all contacts there as well) . After restoring them on the PDA and syncing again, everthing looks fine now :-)

Thanks for your help!