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'News' Postings

Posted: Thu Dec 17, 2009 6:03 pm
by barnabas96
Currently, it looks like the 'News' folder is only used to announce new releases of BirdieSync. If a user subscribes to the "News' folder, they can automatically be notified of these releases. However, if the use of this folder was expanded with other news about BirdieSync, I believe that it would at least serve two useful purposes: help BirdieSync users stay timely informed and help Birdie save time and effort. In particular, if Birdie would create a new post in the 'News' folder whenever an event occurs that would require a new release of BirdieSync (new host OS release, new Thunderbird release, etc.), users would realize that Birdie is aware of the event and could at some level shared his tentative plans to address and respond to the implications of the event. This, I believe, would help alleviate users either sending multiple emails or forum posts.

For example, there has recently been a new release of Thunderbird (v3). The Thunderbird update wizard reports that the current version of BirdieSync is no longer compatible. Obviously, BirdieSync users are going to go to the website looking for an update. And, when they don't see one they'll either send an email, look for a forum post (if they are willing to take the time, which my guess is, most are not), or create a forum post. If, however, they are subscribed to the 'News' forum folder and they know that Birdie will create a new post with regard to the Thunderbird release event, they will not need to go to the website but just wait for the notification email. If it's really important to some users, perhaps Birdie could put in a mechanism for interested users to be sent an SMS or Twitter message to their mobile device.

Re: 'News' Postings

Posted: Mon Dec 21, 2009 9:09 am
by Birdy
Hello barnabas96,

Thank you for your remarks and suggestions. They make sense. It would also be necessary to think about the different ways to communicate the news/releases (mails, RSS, Twitter, program notifications, etc.).