Synchronization Engine

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Synchronization Engine

Post by obscret » Wed Dec 30, 2009 5:43 pm

Hi Birdy

what do you think about offering an open API to your new synchronization engine? Clients for non windows mobile devices (e.g. Android) could be developed in an open source project. The core synchronisation functionalities and the license would still lay in your engine. Everyone who would like to sync with Thunderbird has still to buy a license of BirdieSync.

Don't get me wrong: You do an amazing work and I appreciate the easy synchronisation between Thunderbird and Windows Mobile. But after years of using Windows Mobile devices I am really sick of the operating systems UI. Even the little improvements on Windows Mobile 6.5 won't detain me from moving to a device with another OS. Windows Mobile 7, by the way, is still too far away to see major improvements.

Maybe this API, or something near to it, would reduce the work load for you in porting BirdieSync to other platforms without loosing credit!

Kind regards

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