Portable version?

If you dream about having BirdieSync casting your horoscope, this is the place to ask for it...
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Portable version?

Post by RobertRe »


I am trying to migrate most of my apps to a portable model, easier to maintain and move between different machines. Thnderbird can be get here [http://portableapps.com/news/2010-03-30 ... able_3.0.4] and I can easily install lightning on it.

Questions are:

1. Is it possible to install birdiesync extension inside thunderbird profile directory?
2. Can we have a portable version of birdiesync (no need to install)?



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Re: Portable version?

Post by BerHa »


I am absolutely new to BidieSync but I like it very much so far. But I agree to Roberto. Thunderbird, Sunbird and Lightning are available as portable application (which is key for me because I use these from my USB HD) but BirdieSync isn't.

Any plans to make it portable?


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Re: Portable version?

Post by baja »

I am lookiing forward for the portable version.Hope it comes soon.
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Pascal R [Frenchy]
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Re: Portable version?

Post by Pascal R [Frenchy] »

When shall be able to have a portable version for Key USB or Hard disk.
Really very useful for people nomad as me.
Me I use LiberKey which today gives more possibility than PortableApps or FamaKey.

Pascal R [Frenchy]
Quand pourrons nous avoir une version portable pour Clé USB ou Disque dur.
Vraiment très utile pour les gens nomade comme moi.
Moi j'utilise LiberKey qui aujourd'hui offre plus de possibilité que PortableApps ou FamaKey.

Pascal R [Frenchy]

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