Would be great to have a HowTo for wine/linux

If you dream about having BirdieSync casting your horoscope, this is the place to ask for it...
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Would be great to have a HowTo for wine/linux

Post by LeffSpike »

the question in this thread is: "is it possible to do get BirdieSync working under Linux with wine?"

By browsing through the forum I found, that there was a change in BirdieSync so that communication works over IP. So maybe it is possible to get BirdieSync working under linux generally, if the following preconditions were fullfilled:
  • BirdieSync (the server part) must be running under wine
  • a) ActiveSync must be running under wine: I didn't test that, but regarding to WineHQ it installed and could be started, but didn't connect to the phone in July.
    b) ActiveSync can be replaced by SynCE
  • The AddOn-Part of BirdieSync (the one running with Thunderbird/Sunbird) should be working with Thunderbird under Linux. Does this work?
  • The communication over IP must work between the three operating parts:
    - Thunderbird and BirdieSync-AddOn running under Linux
    - BirdieSync and ActiveSync running under wine
    - BirdieSync running on the mobile device
Is there any chance to do this with the downloadable version of BirdieSync? Or are there any flaws in my thoughts? I'd like to know if this can work at all before spending a lot of time with testing.
- Maybe someone tried this or something similar...
- Maybe there is a solution how to do this that I missed...

Comments are welcome!

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Re: Would be great to have a HowTo for wine/linux

Post by ericch »

I haven't try to use BirdieSync with wine under Linux, but the missing Linux support of BirdieSync is really annoying. I am also interested in comments of your post and I hope that someone could share experience...

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Re: Would be great to have a HowTo for wine/linux

Post by shadin »

I never thought about this combination. Now you have put this question in my mind and I am definitely going to do some experiments on it. I have some free time now and planning to do some spare work on a cloud hosted server, do you know the cloud computing companies which are the best. Let us wait and see what others are thinking and going to do or had done on it. I am sure it is not as easy as I thinks. It is going to consume a lot of time.

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