Exit option on Android App

If you dream about having BirdieSync casting your horoscope, this is the place to ask for it...
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Exit option on Android App

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For my purpose, BirdieSync is working very well. Thanks for this application.
The only issue that really annoys me is this lack of any clean exit possibility on Android.

I do not like how Google deals with personal data, and thats why I am using BirdieSync. But I also do not like this fashion of always running apps, introduced as well (on this scale) by Google.
Of course these two subjects are closely related. And of course Google says it has no influence on performances, but you do not need a lot of time to conclude that it is a fallacious assumption.

It really bothers me that BirdieSync is one of these apps you cannot turn off.
I always have to kill it manually, it takes me time and thus I do not like to open it too often.

It would be really nice do have this option, even if one have to go through a confirmation or two.

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