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Skip item on preview

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Hi Birdy,

with BirdieSync 3 you introduced a wonderful preview option where a user can check what will be synchronized in before hand. Would it be difficult to add an option (maybe a checkbox) at that point to skip some single items from synchronization? At the moment it is possible either to proceed or to skip the whole synchronization process. If a user would like to skip one entry e.g. a modification of a contact on order to check what has changed so far this feature would be very helpful. I sometimes had the problem that I wondered why a contact was selected for modification and the only possible solution at the moment is to stop the whole process although all other items could be synchronized safely.
Sure, more helpful would be to see the details "why an item is selected for modification" (e.g. email address has changed). But although this kind of information is for sure available internally, the presentation of that information to the user (GUI stuff with a details button for each item or what ever) might be more complex?

Do you see a change to add something in that direction?

Kind regards

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