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German Translation

Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2007 1:40 pm
by Scorpillon
I just tried out lastest version of BirdieSync. Now, its working great, still a litte to improve, but this one later.

I would to translate the language into german, so which files have to be translated?

I cannot promise to do this in a few weeks, but I will try to do my best, if I get a little support.

Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2007 1:29 am
by Justus
I would give him a hand and do the same for the danish users.....!

Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2007 7:16 am
by fireball
I would even help out for german translation!

Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2007 3:25 pm
by GodOfGTA
I could help with that one too :)

Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2007 2:19 pm
by Birdy
Thank you all for your proposition of help ! :D
Actually, BirdieSync will support other languages in the future and your valuable help will be welcome. Although all the localization mechanisms are already present, it cannot be done immeditately because it requires some additional organization regarding the sharing of the files to be modified if we want to be efficient and easily identify translation evolutions along the releases.
As soon as BirdieSync will be ready for additional translation, I'll keep you informed.
Thanks again !

German Translation

Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2007 2:41 pm
by MainManDave
I can only agree -- if anybody needs help in the German translation, I am up for it and offer my help.