Optional choice as to which device gets overwritten.

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Optional choice as to which device gets overwritten.

Post by pjamedia » Sun Jul 15, 2007 3:03 pm

I'm a bit peed off with Birdie Sync today as I just managed to loose 400 contacts in my mobile! So this brigns about a feature request, but first the explanation:

I did an initial sync with my Windows mobile 5 PDA/phone and my Thunderbird address book. For the first sync I created a new address book in thunderbird and I was presented with a dialog so I could choose which direction the initial transfer of contacts would take. Perfect! - A great idea and the one I am suggesting should be expanded.

After this initial sync, I checked out Birdie Sync options and found that it supported linking contact categories on my mobile with Address books of the same name in Thunderbird - perfect! The problem was, I had already synced my contacts from my phone to TB into my new (single) address book.

So I decided to delete the newly created address book in Thunderbird, then created a new 'Main address book' then several category specific address books. I then went into the Birdiesync options in Thunderbird and choose to sync these new address books with my mobile device and also selected the option 'Link address book to contact category'. I thought I was on a winner until I actually tried the sync, and it deleted all my contacts from my mobile!

Yes, it was my fault, as deleting my already synced address book, made birdie sync think I wanted to also delete all my contacts on my mobile.

My feature request is this - I want a way to reset Birdie sync so it thinks that the next sync I perform is the first sync - so I am prompted for the direction of transfer as I was the first time. Or alternatively, some sort of confirmation dialog to prevent the sync wiping all my contacts.

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Post by Birdy » Thu Jul 19, 2007 8:25 am


I understand your need. I think that it will be possible to ask for a full resynchronization in a next BirdieSync version. Presently, the best way is to delete ActiveSync/WMDC partnership. That will force the full resynchronization (but for all item categories, not only BirdieSync).
But note that under Vista, there is no option "replace mobile items with desktop ones" anylonger, and mobile items are combined with desktop ones.

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