Better Protection from overwriting all data

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Better Protection from overwriting all data

Post by jde123 » Mon Feb 25, 2008 6:08 pm

In the earliest stages of working with BirdieSync, I inadvertently erased all the appointments on my PDA.* I would like to see added features that help new users prevent this.

One possibility is to elaborate the wizard. It could walk you through the first synchronization. It could ask you "do you want to overwrite Yes/Yes All / No / No all?" as it synchronized the first time.

Another implementation would be for BirdieSync to perform backups and sync. Thus, the target data would still be available after a sync via the backup. This would permit a sort of Undo Sync feature.

I am happy with Birdie sync, but it took a bit too much learning curve. Naturally, the loss of my appointments was a big inconvenience, and a great irony since my primary intention was to gain a backup method. Yes, I know there are plain PDA backup programs available, but I preferred backing up my data INTO Sunbird.


*In my case, I had been using a PDA for tasks and appointments. I wanted to use my PC to back up my PDA data. I prefer using Mozilla over MS Outlook. I was pleased to learn about the Lightning/Sunbird/BirdieSync option, so I installed Lightning. Later I changed my mind, preferring Sunbird.

Somewhere amid all of this installing and uninstalling, I wiped out all the appointments in my PDA.

I was new to Sunbird and did not fully understand the mapping of Sunbird Calendars to PDA Appointment/Task Categories. Because I had not gotten the calendars configured in Sunbird to match my PDA categories, I experienced sync issues. As I tried to troubleshoot them and get everything working, I dabbled with the settings concerning which device (PC vs. PDA) acts as the data source. That is what did it.

I would also like to mention that while my specific wish list concept is a more user-friendly protection of the data, the help file could be a bit more helpful in explaining the calendar/category mapping.

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