Better category handling / more options?

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Better category handling / more options?

Post by peejay » Mon Apr 14, 2008 10:07 pm


Not so sure if it's a proper forum-category, so excuse me if i'm wrong.

I've got few calendars in my sunbird, mostly to fill up the birdiesync needs, but also to filter-out my wife's calendar notes when syncing my pda.
After a few errors when syncing a "big update of calendars" [added/edited events in sunbird] I thought about making life easier like this:
sunbird supports not only different calendars, but also categories inside. Is there ANY way to manage how to respect both - calendar and category structure?
for example - I've got calendars called "family" ,"personal" etc. and they all share categories like "work", "finance", "home" etc. after making a sync, both my pda-calendar and desktop-calendar are messed up, some events disapear, some events jump into another category - probably just because sunbird prefers category name, and birdiesync looks for a calendar named like a category, and drops the category itself. i guess..
I tried to figure it out - how to make it, but i failed. Maybe you have some ideas about?

for example - rainlendar [which shows me my sunbird-edited and pda-edited events on desktop] respects both - categories and calendars, so i have different colors and icons for each.


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