remove "busy" on read-only calendar option

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remove "busy" on read-only calendar option

Post by immaterialman » Sat Oct 04, 2008 8:35 am

A wish for some trickery, please:

I'd like to be able to chose whether "busy settings" and "alarm settings" are transferred when calendars are copied from Lightning to my HTC TyTN II (wm 6.1)

Like many I use Google Calendar which I really like and it works really well with Birdie Sync. The cool thing about Google calendar is that there are many interesting calendars one can subscribe to and I'm subscribed to a few... subscribed calendars are often read only and often their events are set as "busy", which is what I need for them to show up in Lightning's mini calendar...

My TyTN II has a lovely function that checks if there is a busy event in my diary, if it finds one it switches the phone to silent automatically for the duration of the busy period... however I don't want it to do that when it's an event I've imported for info, i.e. someone's birthday as that would silence my device for the whole day.... and I don't want to edit the calendar every time I synch it and the edited events get overwritten as the subscribed calendar is read-only.

So in my ideal situation I'd like something in BirdieSync options:
(both ways/PC -> mobile)
Tickbox: [remove busy]
Tickbox: [remove alarm]

I'd be happy if this was available only for the PC to device setting as my issue is with read-only calendars




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