Thunderbird 3

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Re: Thunderbird 3

Post by clator »

Ok, it's now late January 2010. TB3 is out of Beta. What's the latest on a compatible BirdieSync?

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Re: Thunderbird 3

Post by pjamedia »

Birdie, Thanks for the beta release. I installed it on my desktop under win7 and it worked perfectly - I chose to overwrite my existing mobile contacts trusting that my desktop ones were up to date. One query though:

I also would like to use it to take the contacts now on my mobile and overwrite the contacts on my laptop with these - when I connect though I get three options:
- Overwrite mobile with desktop contacts
- merge contacts from both
- don't sync

What about a 4th option to overwrite desktop contacts from mobile? This may be an option which is useful for using the mobile device as a source for laptops.

I worked around this by firstly deleting all my laptop contacts before choosing the merge option so I now have all my mobile contacts o my laptop - but an option to do this would be a nice touch.

Thanks again for keeping on top of the new TB3 release - the new Birdiesync is a great leap forward - nice work!

Paul A

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Re: Thunderbird 3

Post by kira13 »

I'm with you on that, Paul A. There is another thread for that exact wish. Let me see if I can post the link:

Hopefully, that came out okay. Anyway, if you can see the linked thread (it has the subject "Option `handheld overwrites desktop'," in case the link doesn't work), you can see I have the same issue. Finally got a new laptop and now would like to use my phone to keep everything in sync, but can't.

Hmm, might be good to repeat that wish in the other thread. It might be more noticeable if more than two people are seen to want the handheld-overwrites-desktop option.


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