Registration - activation - TB 3.x support

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Registration - activation - TB 3.x support

Post by skurakai » Mon Mar 08, 2010 9:02 am

Sorry for my question but with my poor english i don't understand License Agreement.

Licence key is for PC or for Mobile Device? I pay for it, you send me some register key and i put it on my Mobile Device? Or how can i activate BirdieSync? On program i cant find any ... "put sn there and clkick activate" or something like this :-)

You wrote that is possible synchronize more mobile devices (on single licence?). If you had in plan support for TB 3.x will be in minority free upgrade or you plan it as new verion of BS with need new licence?

Thanks for answer

Sorry for bad english

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Re: Registration - activation - TB 3.x support

Post by Birdy » Tue Mar 09, 2010 10:34 am

Hello skurakai,

BirdieSync has a "per user" license. So if you have one license, you can synchronize with several computers and mobile devices as long as it is for the same user.

You may enter your license with the "Enter license..." button in BirdieSync license window (if you don't have this button, it's very likely because you have a beta version of BirdieSync

Regarding Thunderbird updates, Thunderbird 3.1 should be released in a few weeks. The new version of BirdieSync supporting this version will very likely considered as a minor upgrade.

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