Registeration Question?

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Registeration Question?

Post by bassopt »

Hello there!

First of all congratulations for the great product.

I have been using the trial version for a few days now and i found it very good. so far i didnt have problems, and i am almost putting Outlook 2003 aside thanks you!!!

Now i'm thinking of buying your product, but i have an important question.

I have two computers a laptop and desktop pc, i need to install Birdiesync on both machines, since i sync with my PDA Phone at home and also when im on the road... do i need ot by two licences or one is enough? i only one user just have two machines!

Thank you very much!

Joao de Oliveira,
Lisbon Portugal.

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Post by Birdy »

You only need one license. :) A license is bound to a particular user but you can synchronize with two computers if you want to.

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