Request: Lower price

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Re: Request: Lower price

Post by chho »

I think BirdieSync is pretty cheap. 20€ is nothing compared to your device or the other programs you add.
MissingSync is a similar program and costs almost double. And you have to pay for every major update - no Lifetime updates!



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Re: Request: Lower price

Post by Birdy »

Just to clarify some points about the upgrade policy. This was already mentioned in several other threads, but I think it's better to remind it.
All the users had been able to upgrade for free since the beginning of BirdieSync and use all the new features. However, I cannot guarantee you that it will always be the case and that you won't have to pay for an upgrade in the future, as it still remains an opened question. But for now you should be able to install next versions and use great new functionalities.

The dollar rate doesn't really help. The price is referenced in Euros, six months ago, the price was lower for American users.

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Re: Request: Lower price

Post by thomasl »

I just used BirdieSync as trial version and bought it.
Why? Easy: 20 EUR compared to Outlook (with all the limitations) is really cheap! And it is worth it! I can use 2 (or more) copies of BirdieSync and synchronize at home and at work. The synchronisation BirdieSync <-> Thunderbird-Lightning <-> Google Calendar is very nice and exactly what I need and I had never problems with duplicates which I had with my iPAQ and Outlook. All in all I am a satisfied customer who wants to thank the devs that they wrote this really good software.

Although there is one thing I am missing: synchronisation with a Kolab server would be extremly nice

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Re: Request: Lower price

Post by Stephen_C »

I thought the program was expensive when I bought it some years ago. I have changed my view after using it (it is invaluable) and after experiencing some really good support recently. It is a superb program and, so far as I'm concerned, Birdy is incredibly responsive in providing help and support.

In summary, it's well worth the price in my view (although I well appreciate others will have their own views, of course).


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Re: Request: Lower price

Post by nixx »

Easy and perfect bi-directional synchronization of all my emails, calendar, tasks and contacts, and in the best suite (TB/Lightning), instead of the bloated and troublesome Outlook. Error handling (duplicates removal, etc). Frequent (and so far free !) updates. Really active support (good luck getting support from MS for Outlook sync problems). And all that for the price of what, a movie and a pizza or something ?
If you ask me, all that makes BirdieSync worth every byte, every cent.

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Re: Request: Lower price

Post by Harvey »

Hi from France ev'one, and sorry for my english...
So i say this "little" soft is great : i begun to do this kind of sync job for Sunbird-WM6, and wrote many lines of code... With poor result ! I do the same job with... 7 clicks on 2 systems ! With Birdie, 0 clicks, auto-opening Sunbird is a great idea, and it works !

About the price, i'll say that it may be useful to split Birdie in 2 parts :
- one for Calendar, and necessarily Tasks, as Sunbird do a very good job showing a task in the calendar when timed.
- one for Mail, and necessarily Contacts.
Why this split ? Cause many of us uses their PDA between Home and Job (for those who s'times review their job at home...), and at job i'm anyway obliged (??) to use corporate Outlook for mails and contacts.

So, 2 parts, that is to say one "light" version for Sunbird, one "full" for Sunbird + Thunderbird, could be 10 Euros for the light version and 20 for the full one.
I think it will be a nice way to reduce the price according to the true use of BirdieSync.
Whatever, i'll pay 20 in 20 days (after my trying period), even using only the Sunbird feature (maybe i make a mistake telling it, if God here me :D ).

Thanks for this great great great soft !

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Re: Request: Lower price

Post by zabo »

Hi, I was reading this old topic and got an idea that I want to share.
Why not really make a less expensive "light" version of BirdieSync only modifying the license?
What I'm thinking is that there can be a "full" license that allows unlimited syncs and a "light" version that allows only a a sync every x (15?) days.
Just my two cents...

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Re: Request: Lower price

Post by jimriley »

I'm happy with the price I paid, the equivalent of a few pints of beer or packets of cigs.

It's Cheep, Birdie, Cheep.

I'll get my coat...... :oops:


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Re: Request: Lower price

Post by baja »

2O euro is infact good..I dont think its a large amount.
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Re: Request: Lower price

Post by lena mosley »

Well, we're in no position actually to dictate the pricing of the product. But a lower price would definitely be a good invite to potential customers. But as I said, we consumers do not dictate the pricing schemes layed out by the developer.

Lena Mosley

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Re: Request: Lower price

Post by xenophob »

I came across this thread looking for sth related to invoicing and I must admit that you people have some nerve. I myself originate from one of poorest countries in European Union - Poland, and for me the price of this software cannot even be compared to the middle-price dinner for one in Warsaw downtown. It is also a equivalent of 1/4 of what I charge for an hour (I run software company myself). And who do we have here, starting this thread? Australia? What is wrong with you? Please tell me what can you buy for 20 EUR? 6 beers? Two pizzas? Please DO share with us.

So, please - stop whining. If you want you can spend few days configuring sync through Funambol or sth similar. But I choose to spend those hours more efficiently.

BTW. Google is also one input field and one button. So what's the big deal with the 190 billion USD capitalization?

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Re: Request: Lower price

Post by Walt »

ctash wrote:Well, I held out as long as I could... but I finally pulled the trigger... the conversion rate sucks though (paypal: 1 USD = 0.609947EUR) so it cost me $32.71 US. I think a price of $25 US would be much nicer and fitting, but it is what it is....
I have to add my support to this. Possibly to offer an exact $US price, using an unique USA Paypal purchase link, that doesn't fluctuate up and down with exchange rates? I mean, offer a license for $US 25 or even $US 20 would IMHO be fair.

This really doesn't have to due with how appreciative we are of all the hard work that goes with BirdieSync. It is just at $US 30 to $US 35, it got to be one of the most expensive apps offered on the Android Market.

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Re: Request: Lower price

Post by Walt »

xenophob wrote:Please tell me what can you buy for 20 EUR? 6 beers? Two pizzas? Please DO share with us.
For around 32 USD, I can buy two pizzas, wings, a 6pack of beer, and still have some left. :wink:

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