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Price and functionality - UPDATE

Posted: Wed Aug 06, 2008 2:30 pm
by Nigel R
Hi again from sunny South Africa :-)

Phew! 24hrs of using Birdie and is a simple as can be which is FANTASTIC! Just pop iPAQ in cradle and volia - synchronised <BIG SMILE>!

So then looked again at cost (Rand Euro not looking good...) and decided to try making FinchSync work. Printed out available documentation and after some attempts IT IS ALSO WORKING :-)

Now given the limitations of FinchSync (apparently no email sync?) the concern I have relates to some 'warnings' re restrictions on performing synchronisation. Not sure if 'generic' in that will also apply to Birdie but need to investigate for sure!

The lack of eMail sync with FinchSyn is NOT an issue as I do not intend using this function. So that is a point in favour of Birdie that will (in my circumstances) not have any value. Next is the 'Plug n Play' set-up as Birdie does just that - PERFECTLY! Not sure how can make FinchSync do the same but am fairly confident will be able to configure so as to be a 'automatic' sync process and if no problem then will be down to cost. Euro 20 vs Free.... I rest my case.

Still some days for evaluation and will be trying both solutions and will report back if any significant developments. Have a wonderful day wherever you are! Very best regards from Nigel R