BirdieSync 2.0 Synchroniszing Folders

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BirdieSync 2.0 Synchroniszing Folders

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Yesterday I´ve migrated my Thunderbird2/Birdiesync1.5 Environment to the Thunderbird3/Birdiesync2 Stuff - without having any problems. So far so good.
Then I remember that I`ve got a log of files I´ve synchronize with my PDA. In the past Activesync or Mobile Center from Windows did that for me.
In the current Birdiesync2 I can not find any entry where to define which files need to be synchronized between the mobile device and my computer. Is that feature not available anymore or is it just hidden so I can´t find it?

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Re: BirdieSync 2.0 Synchroniszing Folders

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Hello wagnbeu0,

Are you speaking about "file synchronization" ? If yes, BirdieSync has never synchronized files. This operation was performed by ActiveSync/Windows Mobile Device Center. So if you need to find information regarding the synchronization of files, you should then have a look at ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center options regarding file synchronization.

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