Problem during installation

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Problem during installation

Post by galaxor »

Dear all,

I just upgraded to Thunderbird 3.0.1 / Lightning 1.0b1 and want to install now the new Birdiesync

Therefore, I have uninstalled my previous Birdiesync installation ( from my mobile device (HTC HD2) and from my laptop computer to be able to start installation of the new version. The previous version (registered on 22.01.10) worked fine.

Now the following error message is reported during the installation process:

An error occured while installing the assembly

Error while opening uninstall key (result = 0x5, last error = 0x0)

I cleaned the registry and disabled the anti-virus/firewall suite, however, without any benefit for the installation. The message always appears immediately after the installation process strongly recommends creating the backup.

Could you please help me? I threw out Outlook some weeks ago and was fine with the previous Birdiesync installation. Now I upgraded Thunderbird & Lightning, however, the installation of Birdiesync fails. I urgently need a solution.

Could you please help me?

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Problem during installation

Post by Birdy »

This error happens if you install BirdieSync with a restricted Windows user account. By now it is necessary to have administrator rights to install Birdiesync.

Even if you install it with administrator rights under a restricted account, some operations need to be performed at the end of the installation (if you don't you could have an error like "Thunderbird is not installed" when you try to synchronize):
- Restart BirdieSync at the end of the installation and check BirdieSync synchronization options.
- Check BirdieSync options in Thunderbird
- Clean extension cache if BirdieSync extension is not properly loaded or has an incorrect version number as described in this FAQ topic:

It will be necessary to bring important modifications to the installer to be able to properly install with a restricted user account. This will be done in the future.

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