BirdieSyn Installation Problem on HD2

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BirdieSyn Installation Problem on HD2

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Dear Birdie,
I use TB 3.0.1 with Lightning 1.0 Beta 1 and GData Provider version-0.6b1.
When I used the Birdiesync 2 Beta-s it was all ok.
I deinstalled on the HD2 and on the PC the beta-s version.
I bought the license for the 2.0 release and installed the new 2.0 release.
During the installation process, I'm not asked on the HD2 for permission to install Birdiesync as was the case for the beta-s version.
The installation goes through, I get the message "BidieSync successfully installed". A few seconds later I get the following error message on the HD2:
"A Problem has occurred with BirdieSyn.exe"
A problem report can be send to Microsoft.
As a result, Birdiesync on the PC cannot connect to the mobile.
ActiveSync is installed.
During Birdiesync Installation, the mobile is correctly recognized.
What can I do to get it running again?
I can upload to you pictures with the full error specifications listed - just tell where to.
Thank you.

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Re: BirdieSyn Installation Problem on HD2

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Hello biotech,

I sent you a mail to investigate on your crash problem.

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