Need desktop to restore mobile events

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Need desktop to restore mobile events

Post by lewdfinger »

So between uninstalling Outlook and running ActiveSync I managed to wipe all the events and emails from my mobile. They are still there in Thunderbird. When I synchronized again, it said it was going to delete all my desktop calendar events and a bunch of Emails. Nuts to that!

So, following the instructions in the FAQ, I deleted the existing partnerships in ActiveSync and re-installed BirdieSync, expecting that it would restore the events from Thunderbird to the mobile on the first synch (according to the FAQ). Nope - still wants to delete all the events and emails that were deleted from the mobile. Grrrr. I selected 'From PC to Mobile Device' in the options, for whatever good that may do.

Am I doing something wrong or is there no way to do a single one-way restore from the PC to the phone using this program?


PS using TB 3.0.1 , Windows XP SP3, Latest Active Sync, Latest BirdieSync, WM 6.1 Professional CE OS 5.2.19965 (Build 19965.1.2.3)

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Re: Need desktop to restore mobile events

Post by Birdy »

Hello lewdfinger,

If you use BirdieSync 2.0, then ActiveSync/Windows Mobile Device Center no longer manages the synchronization. So if you want to reset the synchronization and prevent it from deleting your items on the desktop (very likely because the matching items were deleted on the mobile device, maybe because you unselected Outlook categories), then you have to "reset" the synchronization in BirdieSync, and not in ActiveSync/Windows Mobile Device Center. Open BirdieSync window (click on BirdieSync icon in the task bar), then go to the Activation tab, select the category of items (contacts, events, tasks or mails) whose synchronization you want to reset and press the "Reset synchronization" button. The next time you relaunch the synchronization, you should be asked if you want to replace or combine your items for this particular category.

Before any operation, I strongly suggest you to BACKUP your data as mentioned in this FAQ topic.

The FAQ is not up to date. It will be necessary to separate the information for BirdieSync 1.x (ActiveSync/Windows Mobile Device Center) and BirdieSync 2.0 (own synchronization engine). This will be done soon.

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