Alternative Oulook-Sync

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Alternative Oulook-Sync

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Hello forum,

I have been testing birdiesync 2.0 now for a few days. Installation and syncing worked impressiv fine. But there are two points, that fit not my way.

1st is, I would prefer to do additionaly and from time to time a update of my data in outlook, to have a backup for the case of dataloss on my mobilephone (which is a htc diamond2). Cause I don't trust birdiesync to completle store all my date, specialy my contacts. So is there anybody out there who did a "refill" of his smartphone by birdiesync? Did you have dataloss?

2nd is, the mails of thunderbird are synced with the "Outlook-Email" on my smartphone. When I want to send a mail I have to use a separate account on the phone to send (and receive) mails when I am in office or something else. So this means mailing over HSDPA. Therefore send mails won't get synced, cause they are not in the "Outlook-Email"-senttray but in the "Mobile-Mail"-senttray (both, Thunderbird and my Mobile mail use the same Emailadress). Do I something wrong? Or is this the way it's ment to use? I do at the moment always a bbc-mail to my own adresse (which is the same as the senders adress) and let thunderbird move them to the Sent-Box, what is a quick-and-dirty-method.

Can anyone help me as I am thinking to purchase birdiesync. (Sorry for my bad english).

Greets DSpayre

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Re: Alternative Oulook-Sync

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Regarding the first point, I will let other users respond to your question. :wink: But you could also make some tests yourself with a copy of your Thunderbird profile for instance, or after having backuped all your data as described in this []thread[/url].

If you want to synchronize a mail account that you use on your mobile device to send mails, then the matching mail account in Thunderbird must have its own independent tree (Inbox, Sent, etc. not located under "Local Folders" in Thunderbird: there is an option for that when you create your mail account on Thunderbird). Only the folders stored in the "Local Folders" tree (Inbox, Sent, etc.) in Thunderbird are synchronized with the "E-mail Outlook" mail account on the mobile device. I suggest you to have a look at BirdieSync help for more explanation. Free free to ask any question if you need some clarification.

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